Best Places to Sell your 2nd Hand Laptop Online

Careless disposal of old electronics pollutes our environment and may lead to release toxic substances that cause human health problems. It also leads to wastage of recyclable resources. Rather than throwing your old or malfunctioned laptop away, consider other more profitable and eco-friendly options where you can reuse or recycle your device after selling it to recycling companies or to other parties.
Are you having trouble locating a perfect place to sell your second-hand laptop online? Fortunately, we have compiled a comprehensive list of five best online sites that let enjoy every penny of your devices worth. Although these sites come with their flaws, it is impertinent that you do not allow a simple fall out choke the rest of the good part.

1. Amazon Trade-InAmazons-trade-in-program-gives-store-credit-for-used-gadgets

Amazon Trade-in allows you sell any second-hand items like electronics, books, movies, video games among many others. It also affords an excellent way to cash in from your second-hand laptop regardless of current place and time.
You only need to create an Amazon account and dictate an accurate description of your desired trade in conditions. After specifying the product you wish to sell, and defining its state, the site automatically suggests a reasonable value. You will then be required to ship back the item at Amazon’s expense, and then they’ll take a little time to verify your laptop’s condition, eventually, your account will be credited with an Amazon Gift card worth the amount. If your device proofs to be worth more than its initial price, Amazon guarantees to pay this higher price. Amazon Gift card release occurs within the first two business days after shipment and receipt.
Notably, the only drawback to this site is that you can only access your money from an Amazon account.

2. eBay Instant SaleeBay-Instant-Sale

eBay Instant Sale offers a rapid approach of purging second-hand devices and old electronics, including those with malfunctions. eBay Instant Sale maintains its position among the best Places to sell your second-hand laptop online by adhering to set rules and procedures. On following the renowned formal process, it’s essential to provide comebacks to some questions providing information about the state of your secondhand items to obtain an offer. eBay will then reimburse the device on sale and then assess it once reception is confirmed.
If your devices state established as termed, the cited amount could be expected as payments made through PayPal account deposits within five business days. Although payments seem restricted to PayPal and appear to be a major drawback, they are also commenced through PayPal debit card conveying your money at your doorstep.

3. Best Buy Trade-Inbestbuytradein

Best Buy Trade-In specializes in the trade of second-hand electronic products only. The process of obtaining a quotation for your second-hand laptop comprises of a simple procedure of picking your items class, producer, model, and form. The agreement approval starts as soon as you fill out the survey to satisfaction and if you agree to accept the offer amount, you’re granted the Paramount acquisition gift card.
Best Buy offers you two options to shipping your device namely:

– Using a prepaid Label
– Using a Best Buy accredited store that accepts trade-ins.

Comparing Amazon procedures with those adopted by Best Buy, the major shortcoming is that your money’s contention and can only transact within Best Buy. Furthermore, the dispatch period of acquiring the gift card granted is a little slower than Amazon, as it takes up to 10 working days after item(s) delivery and revising.

4. Nextworthnextworth_logo (1)

Nextworth consents a variety of electronic devices, and the items eligibility perceived through the site. All that’s required from you is providing responses to a short list of queries about the component and then an offer presented to you. Similarly, the same process applies when selling your second-hand laptop; it follows the same procedures as other sites.

You’ll be required to choose a payment method as soon as you count your items and consent to any propositions prepared. Nextworth offers you a variety of choices through which you can opt to acquire check, Target gift card or PayPal deposits for your items Contrary to BestBuy or amazon services.
Shipping devices to Nextworth may be in dime, or you can go to your local Target store to trade them in, getting instant credit (via a Target gift card, naturally.) Upon selecting Nextworth to dispatch your items, the major disadvantage is that it takes up to 10 working days for the disbursement to be commenced after the preliminary inspection for Nextworth to initiate payment.


Gazelle has no different pattern as it follows the same form of procedures as the above-stated services, agreeing to the trade of numerous electronic devices. Once more, offers are obtained by providing Gazelle with a frank depiction of the device(s). Disposing or recycling of your second-hand laptop may be a matter of minutes provided that you provide a clear description to its current condition.

Gazelle permits you to select from PayPal reimbursement, check or an Amazon gift card and payment expected within seven days after reception of your item. Other sites may avail your money in 2 days therefore time delay is a major challenge faced when using the site.

Comparing Gazelles prices to those of earlier-stated sites, it is evident that its computed price of a second-hand laptop is lower and less valuable. This site offers you a lower value than its actual value in the market.

All the above-listed sites are among the best places to recycle your 2nd Hand Laptop online, and they offer convenient ways to get the most from used gadget. These sites let you access funds as soon as your device sells. Each store has its own merits and demerits. Review each section at a time and select the one with the best terms and benefits. You should prefer going for the one that offers the best value for your item. Ultimately, you should never let a weakness in a site discredit its strengths rather consider every aspect but prioritize the value of your device.

Quick ways to make cash from your old laptop

Imagine this: you have a laptop that you would like to sell: maybe its old, or its  not functioning as you would love it to or you simply want to upgrade and get a better, newer version which has been recently released to the market. Another reason is that you just need some money and selling the laptop would give you the much needed funds. So, where do you start? Where should you sell? Will you get a good deal? Technology has made it simple for you to have a quick sale- it is just one click away! Read on so as to find out the online marketplaces where you may get a good deal for your used laptop. The following are among the best places to sell your 2nd hand laptop online.

Amazon Trade-InAmazons-trade-in-program-gives-store-credit-for-used-gadgets

If you would like to sell your laptop and then buy another product on the Amazon site, this method would be suitable. This is because after a successful sale, the money will be locked in your Amazon account. This is because Amazon credits your account with the Amazon gift card. The shipping expenses are catered for by Amazon. If the laptop is found to be in a condition better than that which you had described, you may get a better offer for it.


So as to get an offer, you should send in a description of your laptop. This site offers you 3 payment options: check, PayPal and Amazon gift card, which may be accepted a week after your laptop is successfully sold. However, you might find that the prices offered for devices on this site are lower as compared to that of other sites.

Gadget salvationlogo (1)

Founded in 2008, this is a trusted and reputable, accredited them with an A rating by the Better Business Bureau. However, if you intend to sell a laptop which is more than 8 years old, you will have to contact them so that they may add it to the site. When sending your laptop, you do not have to format the hard drive. However, ensure that its operating system is intact and that you send it together with its power adapter. The fee charged is 10% of the sale amount.

eBay Instant Sale

As its name states, this marketplace offers you an instant sale for your laptop. You can even sell a laptop that is not functioning. After you have shipped your laptop, eBay will evaluate it and then send the payment to your PayPal account. This money can be expected within 5 business days.


After confirming if you are eligible to sell on their site, you will receive an offer after answering a set of questions. The payment methods available are a PayPal deposit, a check or a Target gift card. However, you should not expect payments quickly when you use Nextworth. This is because the payment processing begins after the laptop has been shipped to them.



If you are not keen on cashing in a higher amount from the sale of your laptop, you may list it for sale on Craiglist. However, do the start of the sale at a high price as the buyers will definitely bargain for a lower deal. So as to increase your chances of a successful sale, you may have to repost your ad to get more exposure and a potential buyer.


Tips for selling your laptop online

1. Clean your computer

  • Although it will be a second hand product, your computer needs to be as good as new.
  • Remove the stickers and clear the marks,
  • wipe the screen and keyboards as well as any spot that may be dirty.
  • Toothpicks, cotton wool dipped in alcohol swabs as well as dry, lint-free cloths may be used in cleaning, wiping and dusting of your personal computer.

2. Send in an honest description

  • As the product should meet the expectations of the buyer and it should be exactly as described, you should send in the correct details.
  •  the brand name of the computer (HP, Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Acer);
  • the laptop model: MacBook Air, Inspiron 15 7000, Aspire 5253•
  • operating system: Windows Home, Windows 8, XP;
  • its memory size (RAM): 4GB, 8GBl;
  • the processor: Intel dual core 4GHz;
  • the screen size, stated in inches;
  • any defects: missing or unresponsive keys or a cracked screen
    For sites where a photo is needed when you list the property for sale, you should take good and clear photos of the laptop. The potential buyer needs to see what they will get and be sure to capture the images well, and from different angles.

3. Ensure that your computer is functioning well

So as to get a good deal, your laptop should have minimal defects. Check on the functionality of the laptop. Confirm if it connects well to the internet. Check on the webcam, all the keys, USB ports and the disk drive.

4. Be safe

While transacting online, you are at risk of falling into scam traps or having your identity stolen or security compromised. Therefore, you should not post too much information online, such as your telephone number and physical address. Online marketplaces have been bombarded with a lot of scams. There are as many cons as there are genuine people out to make a good sale. If someone insists on using money orders, escrow services, or wire transfer, this is a sign that it is a potential scam. Watch out for individuals who are hesitant to meet in person. You will also get to know a scam if the deal is too good to be true. More about scams and how to avoid them can be read here.

With this information, you will know that there is some good to that laptop that may be lying around in your home or office. As it has been often said, one mans trash is another mans  cash. Get online and log into the best places to sell your 2nd hand laptop online. Follow the easy steps and make your money easily.


Environmental Impact of Not Recycling Your Laptop

Environmental Impacts of Not Recycling your Laptoprecycle

The disposal of electronics in particular laptops is a problem faced by many regions all over the world. Environments that are packed with computer waste can produce contaminated leeches that eventually contribute to the pollution of the groundwater resources. More the production of electronic equipment is one of the worlds faster-developing industry sectors with large amounts of revenue. Rapid urbanization along with economic growth and the ever-growing demand for consumer goods has led to the increased production and consumption of laptop devices. For the most part, the information technology sector has been one of the primary driving factors of change in the economy in the last few years and consequently contributing to the digital revolution that is being experienced all over the world. New laptop models are being made developed, and the devices have almost infiltrated nearly all aspects of our daily lives, offering users with easy exchange and acquisition of information.
Most laptops comprise of some of the metal compounds or plastic material meant to enhance overall performance or usability of the unit as well. However while these compound might be beneficial for the overall quality of the laptop, they do have adverse effects when improperly disposed of into the environment. What is more remarkable is that the average laptop user is oblivious about how the improper disposal of their Laptops PC would be contributing to the ever increasing volume of E-waste globally.
More so, to cope with the growing demand for Laptop devices, manufacturers are resorting to cheaper and materials and components for their production processes. These types of materials such include chemical PVC and cheap plastic materials the damage that damages the quality of the environment. As a result, better management methods need to be developed and implemented soon enough.


Where does laptop waste go?9263493998_5d8dda18c6_z

A recent study report by the United Nations Environment program determined that nearly 90 percent of laptop waste is either illegally dumped or sold. More so, since laptop waste is a relatively developing issue, many nations especially developing countries lack sufficient laws or protocols that govern the disposal of waste. A growing underground trading market has therefore emerged, with illegal some illegal traffickers acting as legitimate disposal services and then dumping loads of laptop waste across the world leading to excessive damage to the environment.


Air pollutionair-pollution-masks-beijing

A majority of laptop waste processing industries do not have top quality strategies in place that are ideal for the elimination or recycling of laptop waste. For instance, when some laptop waste traffickers that burn computer parts and wires to get to the copper material on the inside, which is a valuable commodity on the market. According to environment national, the open burning can lead to the release of harmful hydrocarbons and the chemical stripping plated computer parts can result in the release of metals into the air. Aside from having an environmental impact, these chemicals also have a significant effect on an individuals overall health as well.
Instead of burning laptop parts to get rid of them, the ideal solution might be to take the parts to the nearest recycling company that is reliable and standardized enough to help you take care of the waste. While air pollution might not seem like a direct side effect of lack of poor waste management, countless research studies have proved quite the contrary, making it imperative that people engage in appropriate waste disposal practices. In fact, one recent study showed the environmental effect of the largest laptop sites in China. The study found that the airborne toxins in the area had increased by 100% than when previously mentioned.


Water Pollutionhqdefault (1)

There is no sense of debating what is apparent, but most laptop components feature some form of plating material meant to enhance usability or performance in some way. However while this material might be beneficial for the overall functionality of the laptop, they do pose a threat to our water systems when carelessly disposed of to a given area. In fact, the chemical on the laptop material can easily bleach into the water systems and lead to large water bodies and even into our homes. Water bodies that have these sort of pollution lack sufficient nutrient and oxygen to be able to support any life. From plants to rare species of fish, the effects of water pollution can be intense.


What is more astounding is the fact that it can take a long duration before the impact of the pollutants can be completely reversed. However, a good suggestion for most laptop owners at such a point in time would be to select the appropriate method of recycling the laptop. More so contents in the shell of laptops screens such as barium and lead can leach through the soil and into the groundwater.


Land pollution6217735_orig

Another comprehensive study at the Guiyu landmine determined that the wind patterns in the southeast of China were responsible for the dispersion of toxic particle in the air. Land pollution is a natural process that dislodged and carried the soil particles to other regions thus leaving the current area in an unusable condition. With the ever increasing development of electronic gadgets and the increasing availability of laptop devices to people all over the world, the volume of any related waste or unusable is also increasing. According to the land pollution statistics and facts from the EPA, in 2005, the average amount laptop waste ranges from 1.2 tons to 1.6 tons. These particular types of waste introduce toxic compounds and heavy metals into the landfills can be detrimental to all aspects of the environment as well has human health.



Broadly speaking, the environmental impacts of not recycling your laptop are clear, and they are also the primary contributing factors to resource depletion in the world currently. While improper disposal of laptop waste might not seem like inherent problems for some, it does have adverse effects on the overall quality of the environment. For this particular reason, all laptop users are directly inclined to engage in the appropriate disposal methods such as taking your laptop to a good disposal facility.

Top charities to donate your old laptop to

Donating your old laptop to charity is a win/win action that goes beyond you giving away your surplus to help another individual or group. Charities that assist schools, senior centers and libraries welcome your contribution. Another plus is that most of these organizations have 501c3 status, meaning donations are tax deductible. A receipt will be provided for your records.

Additionally, donation is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable solution. Electronic products are composed of metals, plastics and glass. Donating conserves these natural resources, lessens air and water pollution, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. See

Be aware that most non-profit companies need donated laptops that are less than 5 years old. This insures that it can be used by the recipient for at least another 3 years. Check out donation regulations in your area before you make your choice. Also, before giving it away use disk-clearing software to remove all of your personal information. The process will delete documents, email contacts and messages, and other confidential data.

The top charities to donate your old laptop are:

– The Salvation Army1406418170554_salvation-army

Donating locally is a good choice for reaching out to people in your own community. Contact the organization for information, only select locations will accept working laptops. These electronics are serviced and sold at highly discounted prices. If that is not an option, the parts will generate funds for other services.

– World Computer Exchange Incorporated

World Computer Exchange Incorporated  donated computers are given to schools, community centers and universities in developing countries. Browse the website for drop off locations and information. It is possible to arrange for a volunteer to pick-up the item, cash donations are appreciated for this service. If there is not an office near your location, the company suggest that the laptop be mailed to their headquarters in Hull, Massachusetts. All laptops must be working, Duo Core or Pentium 4 (minimum 2 GHZ). Please include power adapters. G4 Laptops and above are only accepted at the Massachusetts location.

– The Reconnect Program1399049_orig

This partnership of the Dell Corporation and Goodwill Industries is another local option. The program evolved from Dell commitment to eliminating e-waste and helping communities. Any brand of laptops, regardless of the condition can be donated at select Goodwill locations. All laptops are either refurbished and sold in Goodwill stores or recycled by Dell Asset Recovery Services. Goodwill has over 2,000 locations throughout North America.

– Pick Up Pleasepick-up-please

Pick up Please uses laptop donations to assist American veterans. There is as simple online process to arrange donation collection, which usually happens within 24 hours. The group prides themselves on helping the both the community, by clearing out goods no longer used, and veterans, by providing access to technology and training. Headquarters for Pick Up Please are located in Silver Springs, Maryland, however, the group does have locations in several major cities. Visit the website to verify locations.

– Students Recycling Used Technology (StRUT)Strut_Logo

This program is currently available in Arizona, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Texas and Washington State. StRUT provides schools with donated technological equipment and the educational support to maximize the benefit. Students learn refurbishing skills, gain confidence and develop valuable experience that may translate into future careers. Additionally, the schools have trained technicians onsite to service their own IT needs. Browse the site to find all the donation information you may require. Printers are also accepted.

– Komputers 4 R  Kidsbest_logo_clear_bg

California-based Komputers 4  R Kids addresses the technology needs of lower income families. Laptops are evaluated for to see if they are salvageable, if not they are transferred to a State Licensed Recycler. The organization prides itself on helping communities, realizing technological savvy has a positive impact within and outside of the targeted area. Komputers 4 Kids is committed to reducing e-waste in landfills and proper handling of electronic devices at the end of their life cycles.

– Computers with Causescomccc3

This charity accepts any brand of laptop computers. There are drop off locations across the United States, the company will handle all the details related to your donation. The aim is to improve the environment with a “Zero landfill; program and provide opportunities to communities that do not always have access to home computers. Typically, the tech donation will be used for assisting charities with vocational and educational programs to improve quality of life. There is also a free vacation offer included with every donation. Visit the site for complete information.

– JDS Computer Donations

JDS is part of the Any Soldier Incorporated support team. The veteran-owned company is based in Michigan and refurbishes donated computers for use by deployed military units, non-profit groups and public schools. Visit the website for more information about donation polices. The site also includes testimonials from recipients.

– GlobetopsGlobetops2

This online community concluded that 50% of computers that are trashed annually in the United States are actually in good working order and decided to improve that statistic. The company sends donated computers overseas and provides training to the recipients. The site provides an opportunity to personally choose who will receive your surplus laptop. Browse the profiles and decide who you want to receive your equipment. The company provides free pick up in New York City or laptops can be also mailed to their offices. They encourage the donor and recipient to stay connected, allowing both to experience and explore other cultures.

– Donation Town

Donation Town is a clearing house for charities that need donated laptops. They focus on entire communities, students benefit as do the elderly and small businesses. will provide you with information on charities in your area that need computers. The group will arrange all the details of picking up your donation and there is no charge for these services. Donation Town prefers donated computer be in working condition and Internet-capable. However, they also contract with charities that will accept non functioning computers. The majority of donations will be used for training programs. In some cases, parts can be sold to finance other initiatives.

Where to recycle your laptop in the U.S

The useful life of laptops is relatively short and is on the constant decrease as a result of rapid changes in the features of equipments and capabilities. This creates a large number of unusable laptops which add up to the menacing problem of e-waste.

There are many conventional methods of disposal for e-waste, but they all have their advantages and disadvantages which have negative environmental and economic impacts in the long term. Thus there have to be new ways that will ensure everything is kept in balance without compromising anything.

The best way to dispose a laptop is through

According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) which also applies in the U.S, disposal of electronics such as laptops through recycling is important because they are made of valuable resources and materials such as metals, plastics and glass which require energy to mine and manufacture and thus donating or recycling consumer electronics helps to conserve natural resources and avoids air and water pollution as well as emissions of green house gases that are caused by the manufacture of virgin materials.

Laptop recycling is the process of collecting and processing laptops that would have otherwise been thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. It is considered environmentally friendly because it prevents hazardous wastes from laptops from entering into the atmosphere as solids, liquids or gases.In the U.S, there is a strict legislation put in place to enforce and foster disposal of appliances such as laptops in a sustainable manner. Some may see recycling as unnecessary and expensive but what they don’t  know is that recycling is not about an individual but it all builds up to affect the entire universe if materials are not recycled in the way the way they should.

Regulations such as the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive of the European Union and the United States National Computer Recycling Act are followed strictly when it comes to the recycling of laptops in the U.S

Why you should recycle your computerrecycling-the-importance-of-it-2-638

Laptops should be recycled primarily for two reasons which include:

  •  The materials used to manufacture the laptops can be reused to manufacture new products which basically help in minimizing the amount of materials that is disposed off to landfills and at the same time minimizing the need for raw materials.
  •  Some of the materials used to make the laptops can be potentially hazardous to the environment if they are not disposed off in a proper manner.

    What you should do before recycling a laptop

Before recycling a laptop, you should ensure that it is completely dead. You can try upgrading the hardware or software to see if it will work and if not, then it is really useless to you and you can go ahead and recycle it.

You should also delete all the personal information contained therein, because you can never know whose hands it will fall into especially if it is sensitive. This is because a laptop may seem completely dead, but there are experts who know how to salvage any information remaining in them. You should also remove the batteries from the laptops and other hardwares because they may need to be recycled separately.Additionally, you should be aware of the requirements of the various U.S states or your community as regards to recycling of e-waste which of course includes laptops.

Where to recycle laptops in the U.Show-to-recycle-old-laptop-7-728


There are people who prefer to mend their useless laptops and donate them to charities. However, they do not last long and thus leave the problem of recycling to the countries which they are donated to. People may prefer donation because it offers tax benefits of some kind.


The best way to dispose of laptops is to recycle them. There are many recycling companies in the U.S that have dedicated themselves towards recycling laptops and other e-waste for free. They can be found online so all you need to do is search for them.

If you are an individual looking for an environmentally friendly way to dispose your laptop, you can also find corporate electronic takeback and programs for recycling spread across the U.S. There are corporations that offer very cheap or even free recycling which is open to the public.These corporations usually have their headquarters situated at a particular place which is central. However, the U.S is a very big country with many states which has necessitated these corporations to open centers nationally and internationally.

Laptop manufacturing companies in the U.S have also taken the initiative to recycle laptops especially those that bear their brand names in a bid to enhance the theme of corporate social responsibility. Others have gone as far as partnering with each other so that they ensure protection of the environment.As much as there are many recycling programs throughout the U.S, they have limitations to the number and type of products that they can accept for recycling. You may therefore find others rejecting your laptop for recycling but that should not deter you from finding the right program to do it because after all, you are trying to contribute to protection of the environment.

The U.S government is also actively engaged in the protection of the environment and has thus put up centers for recycling of e-waste in all the states. You just have to ensure that you deliver all the laptop parts that need recycling and they will do the rest of the job for you.

Additionally, there are companies located throughout the U.S whose sole purpose is to recycle laptops and other e-waste at a fee. You can either deliver the product to them or they can come for it in whichever place you are situated.


Laptop and general e-waste recycling should be embraced by everyone. There are useful and amazing products that can be manufactured from the recycled parts of your laptop which can also make your life easier and also reduce the number of environmental issues caused by hazardous e-waste disposal in the U.S.